( PDF ) Rev Osteoporos Metab Miner. 2009; 1 (1): 5

La Junta Directiva de la SEIOMM


Dear members:It is an honour for the Management Board of SEIOMM to present to you the new journal of our Society –Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral– which is going to take forward the difficult mission of replacing the Spanish Journal of Metabolic Bone Diseases, which, for reasons known to you all, is no longer our official journal.
From the start the new journal will be six-monthly and will contain the classic contents of a scientific publication. Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral is born to last, and will provide a quality channel through which work by the specialists who make up SEIOMM can be published. Original articles, reviews, clinical notes… will all have a place in the new publication, in which you will also be able to find news of the activities of our Society and its working groups. The annual calendar of publication will be completed by a third issue per year dedicated to bringing together the material presented at our annual Conference, and there is also the possibility of our producing extraordinary editions on current themes of interest to our scientific community.

In order for it to gain the maximum distribution and to reach the greatest number of specialists, the publication of the journal will consist of a printed edition –in Spanish– only distributed to SEIOMM members and subscribers. An on-line version will also be published –revistadeosteoporosisymetabolismomineral.com– in Spanish and English, in indexed PDF format. From the web page of the journal its contents can be viewed and then downloaded in Spanish or English. SEIOMM and the publishing company Ibañez & Plaza SL will also promote links between the web page of the journal and those of other scientific societies and bodies. Similarly, from the appearance of this first issue the necessary steps will be taken to include Revista de Osteoporosis y Metabolismo Mineral in Free Medical Journals and, in time, in the principal medical databases.
The new journal belongs to SEIOMM and is, therefore, a journal for all its members, OUR JOURNAL. This is the feeling we would like to convey. From now on we are already seeking your help, which could be to send us original articles or reviews, to collaborate by acting as a reviewer, or simply in sending us your ideas and suggestions. And, you will be reassured to know that –as we had hoped– your response has been excellent. Enough material has already been submitted to fill a number of issues, and you can be sure that the work of the authors and reviewers will allow us to improve the contents from issue to issue. So, with help from all who have supported SEIOMM, in a short time we will have an established, indexed, and above all, quality journal which reflects the research carried out by our Society.The Management Board of SEIOMM