1. Differential diagnosis and management of pain associated with multiple vertebral hemangiomas. A case report 52.8k views
  2. Nutrition and osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D 51.1k views
  3. Action of beer on the bone 44.4k views
  4. Bone metabolism regulation through RANK-RANKL-OPG system 40.2k views
  5. Osteoporosis. Definition. Importance. Physiopathology and Clinical manifestations 34.4k views
  6. Physiopathology of osteoporosis and action mechanism of PTH 26.5k views
  7. Osteoporosis. Definition. Epidemiology 19.3k views
  8. Osteoporosis induced by corticoids 18.3k views
  9. Vitamin D and endocrinal diseases 18.2k views
  10. Vitamin D. Physiology. Its use in the treatment of osteoporosis 17.8k views
  11. Biomechanics and bone (& II): Trials in different hierarchical levels of bone and alternative tools for the determination of bone strength 17.3k views
  12. Osteoporosis: Concept and importance. Clinical picture 15k views
  13. Identification of patient with high risk of fracture 13.7k views
  14. The usefulness of preoperative traction in hip fracture 13.5k views
  15. Biomechanics and bone (1): Basic concepts and classical mechanical trials 13.5k views
  16. Zoledronic acid in the treatment of osteoporosis 13.1k views
  17. Vitamin D in rheumatic diseases 12.7k views
  18. Treatment of osteoporosis 12.3k views
  19. Bazedoxifene. First 3rd generation SORM. Safety in endometrium and breast 11.4k views
  20. Cobb angle, vertebral deformity and fractures in alcoholic patients 11.2k views
  21. Role of calcium and vitamin D in the treatment of osteoporosis 10.9k views
  22. Could the FRAX® index modify the treatment of osteoporosis? 10.9k views
  23. Position document on the requirements and optimum levels of vitamin D 10.9k views
  24. Bone metastases and cord compresion debut as follicular thyroid carcinoma 9k views
  25. Patient with fracture due to postmenopausal osteoporosis in Spain: medical care pathway 9k views